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17/01/07 13:14 Filed in: Blackbird
Arragement by Jennifer Mylod

I am a young maiden, my story is sad… 
For once I was carefree – in love with a lad.
He courted me sweetly – by night and by day, 
Ah but now – he has left me – and sailed far away.

CHORUS: Oh if – I was a black bird – could whistle and sing. 
I’d follow the vessel -that my true love sails in. 
And in the top rigging – I would there build my nest. 
And I’d flutter – my wings – o’r his broad, golden chest.

He offered to take me to Donnybrook Fair 
And buy me fine ribbons, to tie them up – in my hair.
And he offered to marry – and to stay by my side,
Ah but then – in the morning – he sailed – with the tide… Chorus

My parents they chide me – they will not agree 
Saying me and my true love – to be married – won’t be. 
Ah but let them deprive me – let them do – what they will 
While there’s breath in my body, he’s the one I want still… chorus

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