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A Lion, a Ground hog… and a fiddle

March 25, 2013 - Author: Jennifer Mylod

Well… as they say,   March comes in like a lion…   And who ever the heck  ‘they’ are… weren’t kidding!    Here we are the end of March,  with  Easter – this coming week end… and we’re bracing again  – for another winter storm on the East coast…  with snow starting late tonight… falling all day tomorrow… and continuing into the wee snow

hours… of Tueday morning….     And sure…  everyone’s in an uproar…  pitchforks & knives…  ready to kill Punxsutawney Phil… who supposedly predicted an early spring… (hey, come on now… everyone makes mistakes!!!)  But I really don’t mind…   I have supplies stocked up…  and a sturdy woodshed containing what’s left of 5 cords of good, seasoned wood…  (I’ve probably got about a cord and a half left)  So… all I can say – is… ok… BRING IT ON!   Cause… after Hurricane Sandy… you doesn’t scare me.

So I’ve got a good day’s wood brought in…  resting in the cauldron…  it’s enough to keep the fire burning hot through the day tomorrow.   fiddleI’ve got a new set of fiddle strings to replace the old, flat, burnt out ones… because I really did burn through them – fiddling through the wild St Paddy gig season.  Here’s a wonderful link to a video… taken at St. Stephen’s Green Public House… just last week…  Had the local Irish Step dancing school come in to dance! 

The truth be told…  I love playing traditional Irish music… and I am beyond thankful… that the phony – “Green Alligators” and the rest of the schmarmy,  plastic Paddy season- has faded away till next year…  and now remaining… is still – the good,  pure, real… TRUE… heart felt, traditional Irish music and songs  – that ring deeply from the soul – rise from the real joys,  the jigs,  the true love, the reels, the sad partings and pure pleasure… of the Irishman through history & time…


I am SO glad, that things can return to normal life again – away from the green – plastic frenzy, and unbridled behaviors.   And we can be real again  for the rest of the calendar year.   For there is nothing more wonderful for a musician, than bringing music to the REAL Irish music lovers…  who enjoy the true traditional music of the beautiful, Emerald Isle…

So to all our beloved fans, friends and true Irish lovers… Sláinte!!!!   And we’ll see ya at St. Stephen’s Green!


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