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Mid-Winter’s… dream… or… reality?

January 24, 2016 - Author: Jennifer Mylod - Comments are closed

I may be jumping the gun a little here… but I think it might be safe to say… that the last bit of recording I need to do – on this latest cd “Shadow of a Crow”…   IS… DONE …  F I N A L L Y!!!!!    Had a few (always fun) days with Tom at Wizmak this week…  and we got the last tracks down.

Now, the rest of this project is in the capable, masterful, very skilled hands of Tom… who’s a creative,  intuitive artist…  and he has my unfailing, total trust.  I just have to wait for him to make the magic happen.

Despite the impending projections of a winter storm…  I called Mom… and she was ready to head north in a blink.   I roared the diesel down her long driveway, where  she was packed & waiting at the door.   We stuffed in some sleeping bags, a big bag of good munchies… and lots of warm clothes – and hit the road – North.    Mom rode shot-gun on the long drive… and it was – as always – lots of fun!

The miles flew by – as we listened to music,  talked, laughed and explored new roads.  Even with a mountain of work ahead of me,  it was easy to enjoy the scenic views on the way up into the NY Adirondack mountains.   Weaving, climbing and rambling along those narrow, back roads…    I stole quick glimpses of the houses and barns along the way… but mostly watched the road… hahah…   But we had fun chatting about random stuff…  and just enjoyed the journey.   I’ve got the best Mom in the world.

I always feel safe with Momma… and her whopping –  5’4” – mighty-woman-self.   She’s an awesome co-pilot, and always brings God along on our adventures…  who unfailingly keeps us safe on our trips…  And as much as I grumble… I’m glad…

The roads were clear, with only a smattering of snow here and there…   Hit a few snow showers,  but it was just enough to really make the red barns and green, tin roof buildings look bright and cheerful against the blue skies.

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We did get a bit nervous on the steep, somewhat frozen road to the place we stayed for a few days…  I was very glad to be able to shift that old diesel into 4WD and get it up that icy, snowy road.  Made me a little nervous… (maybe it was the huge drop off on both sides of the road?)  but the truck handled it all perfectly.

Being greeted upon our arrival – by big, barking,  more than intimidating dogs… who fiercely approached the truck when we pulled up to what I like to call,  “the Man cave”.  The dogs kinda rattled me a little… as I’m a little bit more than afraid of big, angry, barking, bristling dogs.    But we walked calmly to the door… (despite the fact that I wanted to run… I know you don’t run).  But once we got inside – we SLAMMED that door tight!  Was really glad to find a nice stack of dried fire wood & kindling set by the woodstove… so we got a big fire blazing in no time…  got our things set up… then… popped open a bottle of wine,  and ripped open the bag of gummy bears…  Gosh, does it get any better than this?

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So… that was totally off track, (but why stop now?)   The next day we set off for Wizmak for a productive day.  I was happy to get to listen to all the tracks Tom added to the recording.  Some new bass tracks,  and even some BANJO… (yup!!!! Banjo – go figure!)  but I loved it.

We brain stormed over various ideas…  added some final harmonies and just had to wait for the final – (not scratch) – Native Flute tune – that Phil was gonna put down the next day.  Phil came in on Friday and he put the track down beautifully…   we were really happy with it.   Boone, the devoted, ever present, ever watchful – Border Collie… came along – as always… my ever inspiring… studio pup!  🙂

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So the last tune, with Tom on Guitar… and moi -on Mt. Dulcimer… came to life…  the name of this tune is still to be determined…  but as of now… it’s being called… “the Weeping Radish”…  it’s a long story.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 1.50.49 PM

So…  now begins the work of figuring out the cd cover & graphics… which will be in the capable hands of “Original Abbie”

So we’ve still got lots of creating ahead.  Abbie did the graphics for my 2nd cd… “Melodic Isle”…   and I’m excited to see what she comes up with for  “Shadow of a Crow”.

So… in the closing of my chapter – on this project… musically… feels like I’ve reached, a huge mile post.  It’s been a long… long journey… with a LOT of stumbling blocks & obstacles along the way.  But suddenly there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, and I’m optimistic that this will be the best cd yet…  and I can’t help but smile.

So… with tired elation… Mom & I set off for home a bit earlier than we initially planned,  in hopes of beating the snow storm that was bearing down on us at home… the Jersey shore was gonna get slammed… so we wanted to get home.   We did… just in enough time to get a few groceries, get 4 or 5 loads of fire wood in,  and have oil lamps and prep incase we lost power.   I was very happy to just hunker down for the long, winter’s nap.  Big pots of hot, strong coffee, and lots of quiet time to calm my thoughts is exactly what i was looking forward to.

The storm “Jonas”… did hit us hard, leaving us with about 2 1/2 feet of snow…  and deeper drifts are laying here and there.

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But, I can’t lie.  I love it…  and really don’t  feel too inclined to dig out yet… but you can BET your boots… I dug a path ASAP – to the hot tub!  🙂   I’m a Nordic, snow girl at heart!  <3    Get me in that 101* water… so I can make snow angels?   YOU BET!

I’ve been a snow – loving – bunny… since the beginning of my time, outside with my German Shepard, “Riffi”    I could never get enough time, outside in the snow.


Even last March… a friend calls me – and she has a time share in Ottawa… it’s -19* below zero, with a windchill of -28*…  She says.. “Do ya want to go?”  HECK yeah!!!!!  Give me an hour to get my stuff together, and I’m there!   We snow shoe’d across the lake,  and cross country skied… it was AWESOME!   All my other friends were headed to tropical lands… cruises to warm, sunny islands… me?  I’m headed north!  🙂


So here I am… snowed in and thrilled about it.   The project… is pretty much wrapped up… and strangely enough… my sights have already begun turning to new song ideas, new melodies, new creations of all sorts of natures… Idk if it’s the snow, or the crystal blue sky… or the frozen, ice laced branches, or the near purple-blue hue cast on the snow outside…  but I’m near bursting with new ideas that are banging so hard around inside my mind already….  and I just have to smile.  I am so happy…   there’s just not enough hours in the day – to do everything I want to do…  I am so filled with gratefulness.

I am glad to be home… by the warm fire, with bread dough rising to have with dinner tonight… a nice bottle of hearty, red Merlot -in the wine rack… my fiddle & mandolin… a piper who’s (without my help… shoveling outside right now) and I’m just SO enjoying the quietness…  Nothing but the crackling of the fire… and I totally enjoy being still…

Web cat fire - 1

Below… a link here for Original Abbie… who’ll be doing the graphics & dealing with the disk company… on this next project…   She’s an awesome Graphic Aritist… amongst her other many, art classes & talents.  Love my Abbie girl.  <3

So… happy snow days everyone!  Schools already called…  and the words “No school!”  is echoing happily!  🙂   Enjoy the quiet days!   xoxo  Jennifer


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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. by Ray

    A lovely, inspiring and emotional read. I could read you all day…..maybe a step forward from songs, and try a short novel some day ? Love you. <3

    • Thank you Ray! A short novel… I’d have to think on that! Good food for thought! <3 xoxo Love you too!